SELF CARE SUNDAY | Plant Your Vision – Creative Therapeutic Workshop


Plant Your Vision Workshop

What vision do you want to cultivate for yourself in 2018 and beyond?

This unique self-care workshop combines a vision board process and borrows from the Traditional South American ‘Despacho’ making ceremony where you create a parcel of dreams and wishes and offer it up to the powers that be.  The workshop involves guided imagery and creative and empowering processes to plant in your garden or have indoors.

In this ‘Plant Your Vision’ workshop you decorate a bio-degradable clay container etched with symbols and words of personal meaning.  Noting and drawing your dreams on paper, you symbolically plant your dreams and wishes along with a herb seedling into the clay container.  Throughout the year, you can nurture your herbs and benefit from its produce.  At the same time you symbolically plant your dreams and wishes for your year ahead and benefit from their cultivation.!  Think of it as a living, growing vision board !

Who Should Attend? These workshops are open for anyone to attend who is seeking personal development and self care.  If you are a student or professional Art Therapist, Counsellor, Social Worker or Mental Health Worker these Self Care Sunday workshops are perfect to provide you with self-care, learn techniques to use with your clients and network with other professionals.  

All materials and take-away items included